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Robin Coin

Memorial created 12-11-2011 by
Robin Coin
Courtney Cherese Coin
July 28 1988 - November 8 2011

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04-12-2012 11:42 PM -- By: Daphne Adams,  From: Paragould, Arkansas. Work at Greene Acres Nursing  

Robin sometimes I guess I just do not want to face reality and if I look the other way it will not affect me. What a beautiful young lady and so talented. God gives us so much beauty and then somtimes takes it away from us to come to him through faith. He gave you such a wonderful person and we just cannot understand but there is a purpose. Love you Robin.

04-11-2012 8:25 AM -- By: Lee, Nick's Mumma,  From: NZ  


We Remember Them
At the rising sun and it’s going down,
we remember them
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter,
we remember them
At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring,
we remember them
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of summer,
we remember them
At the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of autumn,
we remember them
At the beginning of the year and when it ends,
we remember them
As long as we live, they too, will live,
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them
When we are weary and in need of strength,
we remember them
When we are lost and sick at heart,
we remember them
When we have decisions that are difficult to make,
we remember them
When we have joy we crave to share,
we remember them
When we have achievements that are based on theirs,
we remember them
For, as long as we live, they too, will live
For they are now a part of us,
as we remember them
                        &nbs p;         unknown author

04-08-2012 6:53 PM -- By: Laurie, Jon's mom,  From: Dallas  

 Happy Easter Court. You are far too beautiful to have ever hurt so badly! I miss you and never even knew you when you were alive, but I know, now, the world s a lesser place for having lost you. There is, somewhere, a lesson in that. Hugs for you and your mom...

04-08-2012 11:07 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy Easter babygirl !!!

I can't imagine how amazing Easter is in Heaven...

I miss your beautiful and unique Easter eggs that you always worked so hard to make perfect.  You never grew too old to make those creative eggs. Your egg dying partner (PaPaw) is missing you & the egg dying tradition too!

Oh sweety....We love you so much and we miss you so much!!! 

You are my Angel - Forever & Always!!!

My heart beats FOR YOU.....Mom

04-07-2012 8:01 PM -- By: Laurie, Jon's mom,  From: Dallas  

 Happy Easter, Court. Did you love it as much as Jon? When he was 17 and 18, he dressed up as the Easter Bunny at our neighborhood event, and all the kids would come to him. It was a pretty sorry costume...I remember one little girl asking why he had tennis shoes on his paws :-). But he was a good sport and hugged the kids and posed for pics.  I can see your heart in your pics and writing dear. You were, and are, beautiful and perfect. You and Jon hug each other, and send a hug to me and your mom. Much love, and think about you all the time!

04-05-2012 9:58 PM -- By: Chris,  From:  

I never had the oppurtunity to meet Courtney, but through others and her mom I know her well. I wish I had...

The approach I try to take with people is not to judge for it is not right for us to judge others until we know the whole story.

People are strong & they are fragile and need to be approached in that way. Speak kindly and with understanding.

Mental Ilness still has a stigma in today's society, yet it very prevalant amoung the world's population.

Depression is a serious illness and cannot be wisked away with a magic pill or formula.

Courtney's story is as beautiful as she was and she will forever be missed.

Take heart to know that she is in a better place and her soul is at rest, for the angels are now by her side.

04-03-2012 11:27 PM -- By: Pam Hellewell,  From: Syracuse UT  

Robin...Courtney was beautiful...her art reminds me so much of Jason's art..


03-31-2012 9:40 AM -- By: Kim Gentry - Logan's Mom (POS),  From: Indiana  

Thank you Robin for sharing your beautiful Courtney.  Her artwork....oh my!  And the writings from her journal....made me wonder if Logan thought the same things....  Again thank you for sharing her.  God bless you.

03-22-2012 11:35 PM -- By: Randi Nelson,  From: Mesquite, NV  

God Bless you Courtney.  My son Jason is there in heaven with you.  Look for him.  You  will love him.  He passed away Feb. 21, 2012.  He was 29.  Peace and love to you both.



03-20-2012 11:59 PM -- By: ,  From:  

blessings always...

03-20-2012 11:57 PM -- By: ,  From:  

i am sorry for your loss...


03-13-2012 2:06 AM -- By: Cheryl,  From: Phoenix, AZ  

I found this site quite by accident, but I have a feeling not purely by accident.  Stories that can change your life by reading them, usually present themselves for a reason.  Courtney was a beautiful, talented, gifted, vibrant young lady and obviously tormented soul.  If only she could seen the other light and moved through this dark one.  I don't know if the diagnosis that she was being treated for included prescribed drugs but I know they played a part in my 15 year old stepdaughters death.  How can we continue to allow anyone to buy a gun, even after her diagnosis and release.  I pray for your healing Robin, it is a long road that you have to take.  Just keep breathing deep, you will feel her and she assuredly is there with you still.  It's just harder to communicate.  Courtney your an amazing soul.  Rest sweet girl! 

03-12-2012 11:58 PM -- By: Merikay Garrett,  From: Mahtowa, MN  

Robin, what a beautiful tribute to your brilliant, sensitive and beloved Courtney.

She is loved and missed by me, too. May love always enfold you and keep you safe.

Love, mk

03-09-2012 10:50 AM -- By: Linda Stroemer,  From: Ocala, FL  


Thank you for sharing your Beautiful Courtney with us. My heart cries for you and your beautiful daughter. Your memorial is so touching and has inspired me to build the courage to start one for my beloved Nick.  Love and Hugs!!!

03-05-2012 6:30 PM -- By: Erna Gay Wells - Craig's Mom,  From: Morehead, KY  

(((((((Robin - Courtney Mom )))))))

What a beautiful young lady, your Courtney. Another bright and promising young life, gone too soon.

          Erna Gay -Craig's Mom

03-05-2012 12:05 PM -- By: Charles Farley,  From: Jonesboro  

What a beautiful and talented young woman.  You will see her again, for all of God's angels soar in eternity together. 



03-02-2012 8:41 PM -- By: LB,  From: Hawaii  

02-29-2012 11:58 PM -- By: Debbie,  From: Missouri  

Mom of David POS

02-29-2012 12:52 PM -- By: joyce hammond,  From: england  

A beautiful and talented girl xxxxxxx

02-28-2012 10:42 AM -- By: Patty J,  From: Indiana  


What a beautiful memorial you created for Courtney. Our children are out of sight, but never out of our thoughts and hearts. Our children are just a breath away.

02-27-2012 11:24 AM -- By: Jill Elliott,  From: Washington, DC  

I'm so sorry for your lose.  Courtney sounded like a wonderful person through and through.  I too suffer from depression so I can relate.  She was soooo talented. 

02-25-2012 3:43 AM -- By: maria q,  From: new york long island  

Dear Ms. Coin,          & nbsp;            ;           &nb sp;           & nbsp;            ;           &nb sp;        Wow how amazingly touching your daughter's site is.  I can't stop crying...tears of sadness for your loss but also for your strength to be able to make such a beautiful memorial for her.  I am speechless and for those who know me that is not a virtue of mine!  An amazing wealth of talent your daughter Courtney had. Blessings to you and your loved ones.  It is so obvious your pain and I pray time has helped to heal a bit and that you can be gentle and kind to yourself.  Your outpouring of love for your daughter has helped me today!  Thank you for your site!  It has been 9 years since my high school sweetheart, first love, husband and soulmate and father of our three gifts from God of almost 24 years, passed completing suicide.  It never ever goes away.  The life I had died with him.  The only thing that helps is how I try to keep how he lived alive for our three children, who were only 2 and 6 at his passing!  All three of our children are special needs kids.  My husband didn't suffer from mental illness atleast not diagnosed.  He suffered from a chronic illness called Lupus.  And, the way I try to rationalize this because my mind can't is to tell them, Lupus complications.  Only my older daughter, now 15, knows that her daddy shot himself to death.  My twins, only 11 now, and autistic, are not ready to understand...Well, for that matter, I'm not ready, but I have no choice.  There is a reason for this tragedy and I pray I help just one person or touch one person from his story, from our story...then I have found it.  Respectfully, God Bless You! And, may Courtney be at peace now!   Maria Q 

02-21-2012 8:02 PM -- By: Laurie, Jon's mom,  From: Dallas  

Hi sweetie. Huts visiting again to see your smiling eyes :-). I just can't get over how much you all are loved and yet how hard it was for you still. Robin, your picture with Courtney when she was about 3 or 4 is just soo magical, almost surreal. I feel like that love is greater than just the two of you, and is something that the two of you created that is left behind, and maybe is a bridge between your hearts even now. You did very well leaving your words behind, Courtney, they have already helped people understand more than you could explain while you were here. Hugs to you and your mom!/p>

02-20-2012 7:08 PM -- By: Michelle Warner,  From: Paragould,AR  

My precious Courtney, I am so sorry. I wish so much that I could've done something to make iteasier on you. I know though if it could've been done you mom would've done it twice. Your love for eachother was something special, something even death cannot effect. I have been on here many times, but what do you write about a girl like u. There are no words or lyrics I could come up with that would ever be good enough tot you. You were truly a angel sent to your mother and I am proud to say that the Lord blessed me for bring u into my life. U were a light to me, whenever I was around you, I truly felt loved and at peace, but that was just you Court. I stopped by for u and seen your mom, I know you wanted me too. I knew how special Valentines Day was for both of you. I still remember when I would get you M&M's and drawing pads. It is so hard for me to see ur mom hurting and I know it is for you as well, but I know deep down she understands why you couldn't continue to hurt anymore, and if there would've been any way you could've stayed here with her you would have. I know in my heart that your purpose in the flesh was to bring joy to everyone you came in contact with, and in my eyes u did just that. Heaven is where you were suppose to be all along, and I thank God everyday that he shared one of his most wonderful creatures with us. This world was never good enough for you and now that you have found your peace I just want to say. I loved you so much and I am proud of the young woman I knew. I know your mom is lost know but I will help her anyway I can. You will always be her heart, and I will see you on the other side doll.




02-17-2012 9:36 PM -- By: Laurie,  From: Dallas and pos  

Good heavens Robin. When I look here yet again I see Courtney and I'm just amazed at what illness took from you, from Court. The mischievous grin, the beautiful green eyes, the sweet smile.and in return gave her such a dark place to dwell. I really hope she and Jon find each other and talk music, and cats, and art, photography and crazy dreams and thoughts and psych wards and God knows what else they have in common! I wonder if they look back at all and see their beauty or if it's just all better and being healed? Hugs for you and a prayer for your sparkling girl!

02-16-2012 2:44 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Hello Robin. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Angels life with us. Her story hits home with me for so many reasons. I struggled with depression when I was younger and in reading her journal enteries, I know exactly how she felt. In my own personal journey of grief I have learned many of life's toughest lessons and can honestly say that everything happens for a reason. When I lost my loved one I learned to live my life, that tomorrow isn't promised and even today isn't guarented. I have learned what it really means to love someone. I have learned that love never dies- it endures all things and I have also learned that death isn't really death it is our spiritual birth and goodbye isn't really goodbye- just a see you later. These lessons I've learned came from my loved ones death and although the pain I feel is still right underneath the surface and I miss her everyday- I know that she is at perfect peace and embraced in perfect love until we meet again. You are in my prayers for comfort and peace beyond understanding. Your Angels artwork is amazing as is her smile. Find comfort in knowing she is with you always for those we love never really leave us- they are a part of who we are everyday, their essence being etched into our very souls. Sending you Angel (((hugs)) abound-

Christy and Angel LaTrisha Pruitt

02-14-2012 2:15 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy Valentines Day Courtney!!! You have always been and always will be my number one sweetheart!!! You made my life complete....

I miss you and I LOVE YOU with every thread of my being!

"An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. And whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth."
~Author Unknown

I Love You, MOM



02-14-2012 7:59 AM -- By: marilyn marlar,  From: paragould  

I love you Courtney

02-13-2012 10:03 PM -- By: Kristy,  From: CA  

Courtney is a beautful young woman. I read her story and I am saddened for you and your family. I am at a loss for words for you and your family.......all I can say is I'm so sorry for your loss of this beautiful young woman.

02-12-2012 6:55 PM -- By: Gale,  From: Canada (POS)  

Such a pretty girl. ((()))))


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