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Robin Coin

Memorial created 12-11-2011 by
Robin Coin
Courtney Cherese Coin
July 28 1988 - November 8 2011

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07-19-2016 12:12 AM -- By: Ashley Bernicky,  From: Chicago  

Rest In Peace Courtney

07-15-2016 11:49 PM -- By: Gen,  From: Maryland  

Courtney, you were, are, so much like me...I'm crying right now. As a musician and artist, I fear losing my creativity too. And I feel it slipping away. My depression is taking over me. Sweetheart, you are not much older than me, yet you already sound like a thousand years have passed your mind's eye. I wish I was there for you. I wish I could've held your hand and told you everything would be okay. I'm having trouble telling myself that now. So sometimes, like you, I turn to Amy. And her words speak to me like they spoke to you. I don't know yet if it will be enough for me. I don't know if I will make it. But I sincerely hope I do. And I promise you Courtney that I will try my hardest. For you. Rest in peace. You are an angel now.

06-28-2016 3:45 AM -- By: Jenny Scott,  From: Coventry UK  

I hope you have found peace Courtney. My two sons also left this world of their own accord. I must respect their decisions, I just guess there was no light at the end of the tunnel for them. God bless x

06-21-2016 10:37 PM -- By: Sharon Smith,  From: Coastal NC  

May our Lord wrap his arms around you to lead you through the rest of your days until you are reunited with your sweet Courtney in the heavens. My heart breaks for you as a Mother I can think of nothing more devastating than losing a child (no matter how old they are). You have a friend in NC that will keep you in their prayers for a long time! God's peace, Sharon

06-17-2016 7:29 PM -- By: Ian,  From: Orange County, Ca  

Words cannot convey how sorry I am for your loss...what a gorgeous and gifted girl. Thank you for sharing her legacy with the rest of the world. Beautifully haunting in its simplicity yet touches the depths of the soul. Godspeed, Courtney...

06-04-2016 1:16 AM -- By: Sara, Jonathan's mom,  From: Sacramento  

Such a lovely tribute to a beautiful, talented girl with such a sensitive soul <3


06-03-2016 12:56 PM -- By: Marie Ayers,  From: Manchester, Ohio  

Beautiful such a wonderful memorial. Such a beautiful young lady.

06-03-2016 10:43 AM -- By: Mary mcintosh,  From: Mays landing nj  

I lost my son, Matthew on October 2, 2011. I am your sister in God's way from POS. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE I HAVE VISITED BEFORE.

05-13-2016 1:36 AM -- By: Rodolfo,  From: Mexico  

A beautiful angel to guide us in a loving path of light.

05-13-2016 1:20 AM -- By: Katie,  From: Bel air maryland  

Rest in peace baby girl <3 prayers for you and your family. Fly high

04-10-2016 6:53 PM -- By: gail susan taylor,  From: millers creek,nc  

04-06-2016 7:12 PM -- By: Courtney h,  From: s. carolina  

This is a lovely tribute filled with so much love. I relate to your Court as i, too, have been on that proverbial cliff several times in my 37 years. Your tribute site moved me to tears today. Thank you for sharing your love for your Court, your story, and for the work you do to prevent future suicides. Sending some love your way today.💓💓💓 court

03-18-2016 6:31 PM -- By: Colleen Smith,  From: Oregon  

Courtney is beautiful and so much more and I'm so very sorry for the loss of your daughter I was reading her diary entries wishing I had known her and could help. RIP Courtney, I've been there ❤

02-19-2016 2:49 AM -- By: Daniel,  From: California  

Courtney is a beautiful, creative, and vey unique young woman. That last painting seems to reflect a journey or transcendence to a place of light. Surely a place out from the darkness. I can relate to her writings and art.

She is a shining angel.

02-10-2016 10:55 PM -- By: Arleen Abreu,  From: Florida  

Robin, you have created a beautiful memorial for your precious Courtney.

02-10-2016 2:21 AM -- By: Andrew,  From: Ukraine  

01-02-2016 5:06 PM -- By: Kerry Lotery,  From: England UK  

Beautiful angel. Rest in Peace wrapped up in the memories of all those who know and love you. X

01-01-2016 8:43 AM -- By: MoM,  From:  

Another year without you! You are so missed sweet girl!!!

I love you babydoll!!!

12-31-2015 9:28 PM -- By: Chris W,  From:  

I miss you so much Courtney...there will never be a way for me to describe it... I love you baby girl, you will forever be my angel XO

12-11-2015 7:18 PM -- By: Jennifer Smith,  From: kansas city, KS  

Good bless you sweet angel....

11-20-2015 4:34 PM -- By: Frances Dunlap,  From:  

Hi I just came to the website to view who you were from the poem that you mom sent. You are an inspiration even in your passing.

11-09-2015 10:54 PM -- By: Robin,  From: East Tennessee  

what a beautiful girl, beautiful artist, beautiful soul. i lost my son 4/28/2015 to mental illness. he was a beautiful soul too. only the good dye young! i started his virtual memory here too, Jackson Benson Maples 8/5/1988 - 4/28/2015. may our beautiful children rest in peace. i am so sorry for your loss.

11-09-2015 2:41 PM -- By: Lynette Kilgore Strohbehn,  From: Council Bluffs, IA  

Courtney was so beautiful, I am very sorry for your loss.

11-08-2015 6:41 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

I love you & miss you deeply!! You are not forgotten babygirl - so so many love you & miss you!!! Til we meet again... You own my heart - Mom

11-08-2015 5:59 PM -- By: Chris,  From:  

I love you Courtney.. i miss you so much. Today I've thought about you endlessly as i always do.. its a hard day though, more so then the rest. i've talked with many people today about how wonderful you are and shared many stories.. wonderful memories i hold dear to my heart. i've done some of your favourite things and i've spoken words i hope that you heard. Now ill be lighting a candle for you.. I miss you more then words could ever say. I find you in everything, which brings me comfort and gives me hope that you're near. Im sending you and your mom all my love, forever and always. I long for the day we can all be together again..XO I Love You

11-04-2015 9:47 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

I love you... I miss you...

11-04-2015 9:10 PM -- By: Jesse,  From: Atlanta, Georgia  

Hey Courtney,

Despite never having known you, I can't help but feel connected in some strange way. Your words and way of expressing the darkness you went through is like a chapter out of my life. I wish I could have had the chance to know a soul like yours. I find most things in life to be shallow and vapid with little meaning. And when I meet someone who truly has heart and soul, it's like a breath of fresh air.

I have been trying so hard to turn things around. Yet I can't seem to escape the weight on my chest that keeps me down. I feel so hopeless and empty. No matter how hard I fight to change, I can't. I'm trapped. I feel I have no potential or hope for a better future. I can't control my emotions. I don't know how to run my life anymore.

I really wish I had a friend like you who understands how hard its become to breathe in and out. To get out of bed. To put on a smile when there's nothing but anguish behind it. I hope you've found peace Courtney. It's obvious by all the posts here how loved you were by friends and family. When I go, I don't think anyone will make a memorial in my name. Or put up much of a fuss. Anyways, I'm rambling. Is it irony that we're both born in July, and found November to be the hardest. Well I hope to see your beautiful soul in the streets of Heaven. Jesse, signing out.

11-04-2015 1:27 AM -- By: Kim S,  From: Charlotte NC  

Beautiful talented young lady gone too soon. Beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing.

10-23-2015 11:45 AM -- By: amy,  From: NJ  

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. I'm so sorry for the excruciating pain... thank you for sharing

10-14-2015 7:10 PM -- By: Dawn,  From: mother  

Randomly looking up things on the internet and came to this site.I have lost several people to suicide. I am sorry for your loss. We will be with them again one day. God bless you and your family.


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