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Robin Coin

Memorial created 12-11-2011 by
Robin Coin
Courtney Cherese Coin
July 28 1988 - November 8 2011

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11-09-2014 2:40 PM -- By: Lise Wang,  From: Seattle  

I feel so honored to have had a peak into Courtney's life here on earth. Your memorial to her is so touching I cried. Such a beautiful daughter, incredible artist and I do know the pain you feel. As a POS member, I too have lost  a child to mental illness. Taylor was 25 when he passed (1/20/12), and we can only imagine the emotional pain he was in.  His last words to his father and I were "Goodnight Mom, Goodnight Dad...I love you."  He too enjoyed art, and I hope ((((Taylor)))) and ((((Courtney)))) find a friend in eachother in heaven. Blessing and love, Lise

11-08-2014 3:32 PM -- By: Chris ,  From:  

I think of you always Courtney, I miss you so much and love you even more. Each day that goes bye is hard without you, even more so today.. on your memorial date. Though i know you're always here with us in spirit.. I still cant believe you're gone. I pray you have found the peace and happiness you needed in heaven my sweet beautiful angel. I love you forever and always XO

11-08-2014 5:14 AM -- By: Debbie Jakes mom,  From: FL  

 Dear Robin

Thinking of you and your precious Courtney on her memorial date. I am always here for you, we walk this journey together. Your angel your beautiful Courtney, I know how hard this life is. Much love to you my sister in grief, I will have a candle lite in my home in Courtney's honor.                      

10-27-2014 11:47 PM -- By: Jesse,  From: Atlanta, Georgia  

Hey Courtney,

It's been almost two years since I signed your book, but I've visited your page over the past few years. I still can't believe someone with such a beautiful smile, heart and soul with so much talent and promise could have been so troubled, yet I do understand. More than anyone can and will ever know.

These past couple years have been full of ups and downs. This year especially has been rough. Lost someone very close to me. Attempted to take my life before my birthday in July. Resulted in the break up of my gf, and another close friendship.

I've since tried to change for the better. I've picked up new hobbies, trying to make friends, exercise, donate my time to great causes etc. Anything to keep myself busy or my mind occupied. And sometimes it works. And when it does, it's great.

Yet no matter how hard I try and fight, ole familiar creeps back in on me someway or another. The flood gate of emotions, thoughts and feelings open up and washes over me. My mind once again held hostage with intrusive thoughts and feelings you were all to familiar with.

Until the day this soul gives out or they find a cure, I'll keep fighting the good fight. I truly hope you've found peace Courtney. If there's a Heaven or life on the other side, I hope to someday meet you there. You're beautiful.

10-22-2014 1:04 AM -- By: Trula,  From:  

 This memorial website for your talented and lovely daughter is very inspirational. Thank you very much.

10-11-2014 8:36 PM -- By: Megan,  From: Arkansas  

 To the most beautiful, inspiring person that I've ever met or shared time with:

Spending time with you throughout my life was the most positive, loving friendship that I could have hoped for. Thank you for being such and incredible force in this world. Here's to hoping that you are somewhere making people laugh with your Donald Duck voice and silly songs. You are loved beyond measure.

09-30-2014 12:37 PM -- By: Todd Young,  From: Dallas, Texas  

What a beautiful soul you created when you brought Courtney into this world.  My father was also lost to suicide.  I love your positive way of expressing everything here.  Oddly enough Coin is a family tree name of my own.  Blessings to you and your family.  Todd 

09-21-2014 11:37 PM -- By: Lisa,  From: Woodstock, Ga  

 This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter's memory. Been reading a lot about suicide. I'm afraid for my own daughter who is 13 and bipolar. She has expressed suicidal thoughts. 

09-17-2014 4:35 PM -- By: Kevin,  From: Charlottesville, VA  

 Prayers and best wishes to the family. 

09-09-2014 1:37 AM -- By: Melinda,  From: Pullman, WA  

 Thank you for sharing your beautiful Courtney...

09-09-2014 12:25 AM -- By: Willy Smith,  From: Marathon, Fl.  

After having read Courtneys journal from 2009 I have a much better understanding of the things I've been feeling over many months now.  What she left behind in those writings has given me some hope.  I thank her, and you for posting them. 

09-02-2014 8:42 PM -- By: Laila Burghardt,  From: Ohio  

 Hi - I stumbled on your daughter's photo at the FacesofSuicide page. Something about her face - a light - made me click on the photo.. and then I saw the link to this memorial page. What a beautiful memorial you have here. I am the daughter of a step-father who committed suicide on July 1st, 2005. It was just 1 month before he was to walk me down the aisle at my wedding. I have never been the same..and my family has suffered since. I just want to say that I will pray for you..and please pray for me and my family, that we find peace.   Laila

08-18-2014 1:49 AM -- By: Allen Driskill,  From: Russellville, Arkansas  

I keep coming back to you, Courtney. Because YOU have the answers that I need. I am not a coward. I have an illness that may not have a cure. This may be a burden that was placed on my soul before birth. Who can tell the mystery of God. Who can understand the holy mind of the Father? A young woman is tormented by forces beyond her control. Her beauty, intelligence, and creativity apparently cut short. But what is the truth? She was a shining example of the creativity of God. And Courtney lives on in the hearts of all she has touched. For Jesus said " my grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness". Paul then said,"Therefore, I will boast all the more about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may reside in me". There is no blame. No debt. No punishment for Courtney's actions because this was her mission. Love the World (and the people in it) because it was the creation of the Father. Be disappointed in the world because of the evil of mankind. Courtney only saw the truth. The desire to live eternally with the Creator is not a sin. It is a gift to all those who believe. May God grant you Robin, peace and fulfillment. Knowing Courtney sits on the lap of her Father in Heaven.

08-16-2014 7:46 PM -- By: jackie Branch ,  From: nj  

 Why do our beautiful children take their lives, my son took his life on 6/19/2014 , 

07-30-2014 3:45 AM -- By: ,  From:  

 You are in my thoughts often. I have only seen you once in my dreams, and I hope you will come to me again. I wished you a Happy 26th yesterday and listened to my "With the Lights Out" compilation. When Aneurysm came on all I could think of was your smile and voice when you played it for me that first time. I miss you so much, beautiful. I love you even more than that. <3

07-28-2014 7:29 PM -- By: Rachel D.,  From: Jonesboro  

Happy 26th birthday my dear friend. I went and visited with you today. I know you would love the little black and white flowers I left there. And the candle this year screamed Courtney! Love you and miss you friend. Tonight, I celebrate your life and the great times! Know you'll be there in spirit.

07-28-2014 11:59 AM -- By: Chris W,  From:  

Happy 26th Birthday in Heaven Courtney. May the angel's make it a wonderful day for you sweetie. Im sending you all my love, kisses and hugs. We all love and miss you so much and we're always thinking of you. There is not a day or minute that goes by that your not on my mind. I will love and miss you forever Courtney. XOXO

07-24-2014 12:23 PM -- By: Casey,  From: A heart filled with love  

To Robin, I am a friend of Kyles. I writing to you because I wanted to express to you how I feel. This page you've created for your daughter moved me to tears. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Courtney but you did such an amazing job of bringing her to life here on this page. You are an amazingly understanding woman and I admire that quality almost as much as I admire the love you have for your daughter. Remember to have faith and remain strong, there is always hope!

To Courtney, your art is so amazing and inspirational! Looking through your work made me wish I could have witnessed your creative process and maybe get to know the parts of yourself you would of been willing to share with me. Your desire to make a positive impact and help others is so admirable..and one I share with you. I hope your soul has found the limitless peace and creative inspiration it was so passionate about discovering. Namaste ❤️

07-23-2014 10:30 AM -- By: Antoinette,  From:  

07-05-2014 10:47 PM -- By: MoM,  From:  

06-20-2014 2:50 PM -- By: Kyle,  From: Across the universe  

Thinking of you and when we took pockets full of quarters to the arcade and let children play till they won!! Lost weight and everyone smiled and had fun :)

06-09-2014 1:21 PM -- By: Gena,  From: Wisconsin  

 My son suffers from depression and in the past year we have lost 2 people to suicide. Thank you for sharing your daughters story. 

06-03-2014 9:34 PM -- By: Carrie,  From:  

 I was touched by learning of this beautiful young woman, gone to soon. What a beautiful soul. I was deeply touched by Courtney's life told through this website and her artwork and photography. Thank you for sharing this bright light to the world. 

05-30-2014 7:03 PM -- By: Jake,  From: heaven  

(((((sending hugs))))))

05-22-2014 5:59 AM -- By: Nick,  From:  

I was referred to this page by a friend. I have Type 2 Bipolar Disorder. A lot of "The Darkness" page was difficult for me to read, because they're thoughts and feelings that I identify with (though I wouldn't be able to express them in writing as well). Mental illness is very, very serious and, unfortunately, very poorly understood. This is a beautiful memorial, and I admire your strength for being able to put it together.

05-22-2014 5:32 AM -- By: Darian,  From: Temecula, CA  

I wish I was given the chance to have met you, Courtney. May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

05-17-2014 9:14 PM -- By: Chris,  From:  

I'm thinking of you today sweetie, i miss you so much and wish you were here with me... I love you forever XO

05-11-2014 12:04 AM -- By: Drew,  From: Kennewick  

Beautiful, and Gifted such a tragady, My condulances too you and the rest of your family. 

05-09-2014 2:32 PM -- By: Yvonne Wolff,  From: Allyn, WA  

Our son Garrett took his life just before his 16th birthday. I pray for strength and courage, comfort and healing for your family. She is a beautiful angel, just as Garrett is. Praise be to God.

05-08-2014 4:59 PM -- By: Jeni Summers,  From: Pocatello, Idaho USA  

 So sorrowful.


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