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Robin Coin

Memorial created 12-11-2011 by
Robin Coin
Courtney Cherese Coin
July 28 1988 - November 8 2011

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01-21-2013 2:46 PM -- By: Cláudia Gonçalves,  From: Portugal  

The world really is unfair for good people...She looks lovely and I'll pray for her soul
Love from Portugal

01-07-2013 7:47 PM -- By: Niccii,  From: POS/ WI  

What a beautiful Baby girl You have Robin...she seems so much like my Taki. A pure soul Beautiful inside as well as out.  May her Everloving soul bless you with a lifetime full of visits & signs..for she will never truly leave you ..she walks beside you always& forever....just stop & listen with your heart & soul and you shall hear her.

Love Niccii, mom to sassy katarina &Taki forever 17

01-05-2013 11:53 PM -- By: Aunt Sandy,  From:  

Its' been a while since I was here because the holidays are especially painful being apart from you, Ratha, my son and all whom I love. Always in my heart and always in my thoughts

01-05-2013 7:43 PM -- By: Vaqar Khan,  From: Pakistan  

Same feelings and pain regardless of regions, races and religions. We are all but one family of humans.

The rocks melt to flow like water with grief of an agrieved heart. The hearts seem deeper than the oceans to contain the storms of those emotions. It all appears well and calm except for those who have experienced the same. They are picked because they are the same, the Angels.

Peace for all, where ever they are.

12-31-2012 8:03 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

I love you with all my heart & soul babygirl!!!  I'm not starting the new year without you close by!!!

12-26-2012 9:37 PM -- By: Margaret Goenaga,  From: Fl  

 So much pain brings tears. In loving memory of my nephew Danny Martinez. 

12-20-2012 2:08 PM -- By: Bruna,  From: Brazil  

Courtney seems to be such an amaing person with amazing skills. She was so beautiful and talented. The good surely die young. I am sorry for you and your family. I really do. 

Much love. 

12-13-2012 6:58 AM -- By: Shannon Humphrey,  From: Arkansas  

 Courtney sounds like an amazing person, and this page to celebrate her life is beautiful. May God keep you in peace.

12-12-2012 12:10 AM -- By: Chris ,  From:  

I'm thinking of you always Courtney, I love you and miss you beyond words babygirl... My heart cries out for you everyday...

11-23-2012 7:27 PM -- By: kathy,  From:  

11-19-2012 12:02 AM -- By: michelle warner,  From: paragould  

Well honey I just want to stop in and tell you I ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I still cant believe your gone, you were without a doubt one of God's most precious creatures. I love you baby.

11-16-2012 11:33 AM -- By: Robin - Courtney's Mom,  From:  


Thank You so much for your kind words and support!  Thank you for loving Courtney without even knowing her!  Jesse - You are NOT alone and you ARE loved!!!! Please check my message page & use my contact info and I will speak to you further!


11-16-2012 12:39 AM -- By: Jesse,  From: Atlanta, Georgia  

I do not know how I came across Courtney's memorial. All I can tell you is, it brings tears to my eyes each and every time. I cry for the person I can only imagine she was, expressed by those who knew her best.

I cry for the heart ache her family and friends must feel everyday. I cry because I look at pictures of this smile she has, and I cry because I know how hard it had to be for her to hide the pain she hid behind it.

And I cry because I know all to well how it is to smile, and feel completely and utterly broken inside. I've become a professional at the art of it.

Depression has taken everything I have, and robbed me of any hope, joy or peace. And I have no one. I just walk through life feeling numb. My life has been pulled out from underneath me and I know my fate.

And I cry because I feel guilty for the pain and anguish I will surely inflict on my family and friends. Yet nothing can take away the void in my life. The loneliness I feel.

And I cry because I wish I could have known her, and wish I could have been a friend to talk to, and relate to. I could have used a friend like Courtney.

I've been to your page so many times, listened to songs like Angel by Sarah Mclachlan and I sob. For you, your family, and selfishly for myself.

I can only imagine she is honored to be remembered and loved by so many. To have such a beautiful memorial.

11-15-2012 1:58 PM -- By: Lisa Wooldridge,  From: Paragould Ar.  

I can't believe this beautiful angel has been gone for over a year.  Courtney was one of the sweetest and MOST TALENTED young ladies I have ever had the priviledge of meeting.  I know how much her friends and family miss her.  I work with her mother Robin who was always there for  Courtney, they were truly best friends....Courtney you will be missed but never forgotten....

11-13-2012 1:43 AM -- By: Debi H, Mom of Ken G,  From: POS, TN  

Such a beautiful tribute to such a beautfil Soul. (((Hugs))) from another Mother who knows your sorrow. 

11-12-2012 2:58 AM -- By: Passing By,  From: California  

Courtney was a beautiful child and young woman. I am so sorry that she left in such sadness and despair. My heart goes out to you.

11-11-2012 12:32 PM -- By: Debra Akaveani,  From: VA  

 My thoughts and prayers are with you my dear sweet Courtney. RIP  



Debra Ron's mom

11-09-2012 4:53 PM -- By: Dana C. Smith-Wilson,  From: Dixie  

Robin, I was so saddened by Courtney's death.  I did not know how to get in touch with you since you moved somewhere in Jonesboro.  If you ever come by my house, I would love to visit with you.  Since I am not a parent, I cannot even begin to understand what you are going through, but you know that my Mom knows how you feel.  I know that every July 28th and every November 8 you will be saddened beyond belief--"cause that is how my Mom still is.  May God bless you.  Love you, Dana

11-09-2012 9:08 AM -- By: Scott Stewart,  From: Jonesboro  


  God bless you during this difficult time.  Please call if you need anything..


11-08-2012 8:13 PM -- By: Johnings family,  From: Ontario  

 Courtney, Although we didnt get to spend much time together , the time we did has meant a great deal to us and has left a big impression. Its upsetting that your not able to be here with us .You were full of smiles and a pleasure to be around. You will always be a part of our family , You made my kids happy and would always make them laugh with your "talking like a duck" impressions along with many other things. We all love and miss you so much sweet girl and hope you have finally found the peace you longed for.


"there are people in this world you could meet a thousand times, and they leave you with only a good memory. Then there are others you meet only once , and they leave you with a thousand meaningful memories" Courtney was on of those people, your daughter was one in a million, we will miss her dearly ...and remember her always. We hope in time your heart is able to heal from this pain. Much love and thoughts sent your way.



11-08-2012 7:28 PM -- By: Amanda Sinapiades,  From: Jonesboro  

I think of you just about every day, Court. I miss your silly laugh and your voices. I miss our long conversations about music and life. I miss giving you hugs when I leave to say goodbye. I've come to visit you four or five times in the past year to leave flowers and tell you I miss you and what's going on. I'll never forget you, and I will always, always love you. Always.

11-08-2012 5:49 PM -- By: Jenn M. & family,  From: Ontario  

Dear Robin,

A year has passed since the passing of your beautiful daughter. We wish we could find the words that would relieve any pain that you still have, but we cant begin to express what that might be. Losing a child is one of the saddest life experiences possible, and words of TRUE comfort are difficult for us to find. Please know that she was loved by many , and she is missed greatly by all of us. She will always be in our hearts , prayers and thoughts and her memory will never be forgotten. 

I hope the precious memories you have of your darling Courtney will one day bring you comfort, and that you'll come to find in the loving words of Hugh Robert Orr: "they are not dead who live in lives they leave behind . In those whom they have blessed, they live a life again, and shall live through the years eternal life , and shall grown each day more beautiful as time declares their good , forgets the rest and proves there immortality" 

Wishing you peace and healing.


11-08-2012 5:02 PM -- By: Brandon,  From:  

 I had the great pleasure of knowing Courtney. I can say personally that everyone loved her dearly and shes missed beyond words. Many things happen in our life that sometimes dont seem fair but we all know one day that our time will come to join everyone we have loved and lost , upstairs with the best seat in the house watching over the ones we love just like Courtney is watching over the ones she loves.. Still to this day its not a goodbye but simply a see you later.. Miss you girl! Rest in peace. 

Robin, my thoughts are with you today. i loved Courtney like my own sister and miss her very much. I hope that someday you're able to find peace as well and your heart is able to heal a little more each day.

11-08-2012 4:26 PM -- By: Karen W,  From: Canada  

 Its hard to believe a year has passed Courtney since you were given your wings.. But we feel your gentle presence, knowing you are with us each and everyday watching over us and forever in our hearts. I feel blessed to have had you in my life, you're like a daughter to me. If we could have a life time wish , our wish with all our hearts would be too see and speak with you again.. To have you back here wtih us smiling, happy and healthy. I hope now you're finally at peace. We all miss you more then words can say and your forever loved dear child. You have given my family and i so many wonderful memories and i look forward to the day we can all be together again. Rest in peace sweetheart, i love you! XO

Robin, your always in my thoughts and prayers and i send you all the strength i can to help you through today and everyday. No words can express the pain you and all of us feel from loosing Courtney, She was taken far too soon..Its hard to imagine its been a year already.. My heart aches for you from one mother to another..Please know myself and my family are always here for you. Courtney was truly a gift, she was one of a kind! We all love her dearly and i know she's watching over you now . May you hold memories of her dear to your heart and with time let your heart heal as well. Someday you'll both be together once again..

All my love, Karen xo

11-08-2012 2:53 PM -- By: Marlisa Thompson,  From: Jonesboro  

An angel on Earth who is now in Heaven!  May you be at peace and know that you were loved by many.  You will always be missed.

11-08-2012 2:08 PM -- By: Krystal A,  From:  

Thinking of you today. Saddened by the thought of some much you never got to do. Happy with the thought that you are with many who love you. We will meet again someday.

11-08-2012 11:46 AM -- By: barbara,  From: georgia  

11-08-2012 11:44 AM -- By: Barbara,  From: Georgia  

11-08-2012 11:29 AM -- By: Mary,  From: Arkansas  

A Mother's Love Knows No End!                       &nbs p;           &n bsp;          The biggest loss that I have felt is losing my parents and I can't even  imagine the loss of a child! Time helps but nothing has relieved the longing for their presence! Courtney was beautiful and very talented and you have created a perfect memorial for her! I feel your pain and will cherish my own daughters a little more in her honor! Girls have a tendency to be so emotional that they wear us down--add mental illness to that and they are overwhelming! Praying for peace and comfort for you today thru God's LOVE!!

11-08-2012 11:05 AM -- By: MOM,  From:  

I am looking for a special place A place to not deny All the feelings deep within  A place where I can cry
 A private world that will except These tears that flow for you The never ending sorrow A place I can be true.
 No more hiding from the world Pretending I am fine I need to let it all run free No longer walk this line.
 If others cannot understand That life is not the same I must not waste another day Trying to explain.
 I need to be true to myself And those that really care I will no longer wear my mask My feelings I must bear.
So I will show my feelings To a world that has no clue The pain that has me reeling
Since the day that I lost you. Lyndie Pavalon



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